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Hi I'm Hannah Minkner, and I live in sunny Scottsdale Arizona! I recently graduated from Arizona State University and I've been working in design and photography since 2008. I've been taking photos since I picked up my first real camera for school six years ago, and a serious photographer for two years. Living the married life... Shawn and I have a corgi girl named Waffles! Follow her here:     http://instagram.com/heywaffles

I am actively looking for all kinds of artists to connect with... other photographers and filmmakers, analog film lovers, fine artists, performance artists, models, entrepreneurs... all of you. ;) It always makes my day to hear from someone else in the art community. 

Also I am making an effort to travel throughout the year, so if you think we'd be friends and I'd like your hometown, shoot me an email! I'll put in on the to-travel list! 

Seriously, it's all about making friends. That's the only secret as far as I can tell. So let's talk! I want to hear your great ideas. I want to be inspired by you. I want to go grab a boba tea or coffee or, like even a donut with you. Don't be a stranger!


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