Work With Minkmade


Hannah Koehler is a traveling commercial photographer.
She works with local and international brands to create campaigns, lookbooks, and monthly media content.
Information for bloggers and models is included below as well! 


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1. Campaigns

"I enjoy working with my clients to plan out a story and aesthetic for every project! I am always excited when I have the opportunity to work closely with a company's art department to make a campaign as exciting as possible for everyone involved. I love road trips, and I consider the perfect location to be key to the overall mood of any photoshoot. I also like to promote local models, bloggers, and stylists; it brings me a lot of fulfillment when I can pull in and promote other creatives who would work well with with a brand's artistic goals. - Hannah"

Usually charged at a full day or half day rate. Email below for availability and rates! 

Vida Moulin Look Two-27.jpg

2. Lookbooks

"This past year I've had the opportunity to work with some very rad local boutiques, clothing and jewelry lines to show off their newest collections. I treat these projects the same way I would a larger campaign, with intent and thoughtfulness for the overall mood and story. These shoots usually double as staples to update the website as well as regular social media content for the weeks to come. -Hannah"

Society6 July 16 Content-86.jpg

3. Social Media Content

"Social content photoshoots present a unique challenge! These sessions need to be very efficient and creative in order to provide the client with as many unique photos as possible! Whether shooting fashion for one of my blog clients, or products that are shipped to me (which I style and photograph), I love working with my monthly clients to help them create a consistent social media feed with lots of new compelling content for their followers. -Hannah" 

Lookbooks and social content can be charged by hourly, half day, or full day rates. Hourly rate is $300 / hour with significant savings if you book a four hour (half day) or eight hour (full day) session, depending on your needs. Lookbooks that are local are usually between 2-4 hours long, and if they require travel will often be in the half to full day range. Email below for availability or a custom quote!

 (see more photos of Cora Snowden in Santa Cruz, California)

(see more photos of Cora Snowden in Santa Cruz, California)

4. Test Shoots and Portrait Sessions For Models and Bloggers

Limited spots open mosts months! Email below for inquiries. 

5. Brand Ambassadorship

"I'm interested in partnering with brands for my lifestyle posts this year! I addition to working with Jansport on a number of campaigns as one of their photographers, I have recently also become a Jansport brand ambassador!! This is the first brand that I have partnered with in this way. I'm excited for this partnership, because I have always loved Jansport and I was already posting photos of their products as a part of what I like to share. It's a natural fit for me. If you think that we should work together for social media posts, send me an email and I will send you my pricing information for blog, instagram, and snapchat. -Hannah"